Thursday, July 31, 2014

Food and Fitness Magazine: How to Get the Results you Want

Food and Fitness is a magazine designed for teachers.

Teachers have their own challenges when it comes to Food and Fitness. This magazine is especially curated with teachers in mind. 

A lot of articles on the www are written for the fitness enthusiast. And most teachers are not that: we are kid enthusiasts. 

I purposely chose articles that will appeal to women and men (but mostly women) who are at a low to medium level of fitness. I keep in mind that a good teacher is on her feet walking all day. 

I know that you want to be healthier and lighter on your feet. 

You want more energy. 

I know that you go home with work to do. You need to keep this do-able.

And it is. 

Not every single article overlaps exactly with my exact ideas on health. That's okay too. I like to read people who don't agree with me. It challenges. 

But for the most part these articles are about entry-level, easy fitness and plant-based food choices. 

So far we have fifty readers and 250 articles. 

We can find stress relief. We are getting better and better.

We got this!