Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fitness: My Snoopy Dance Pull-Up

I am happy like an eleven year old boy who just can't keep a smile off his face.

After months of weight loss and months of body weight work outs, 

I can...

(drum roll please)

finally do A PULL-UP!

I have read in all these fitness articles about how important pull-ups are and so I consider pull-ups a major benchmark. I had just sort of resigned myself to not holding out hope. And I wanted it badly. 

But I seriously didn't think I ever would.  When I was 225 pounds, there was no hope that I could. I would still work on them by doing half pull-ups, bent-knee horizontal pull-ups (where you use a low bar with your legs bent underneath you and pull up to the bar like a row) and leg assisted pull-ups.

But I weigh 188 now. 

Here's how it happened. 

My wife, my boys, and I were walking out to go rent a U-haul truck to move out of the house we've been in for nine years, and I reached up to a rafter on our porch and wondered if I could do it. You see I've tried many times over those nine years, never able to make it all the way up. I've also looked at it many times and just walked away knowing I couldn't do it. 

But today I put my hands in place and pulled. My body went up, and up, and up, and when my head cleared my hands and my head bumped the roof of the porch, I was that 11 year old boy with glee in his heart!

I wanted to go run and tell my dad! Look at what I can do!

I'm laughing at myself because I'm so happy! I'm so silly with it and looking at myself and cracking up at how silly I am. 

After my porch pull-up, I had to go to our real pull-up station (we have one of those gizmos where you can do dips and pull ups (bought it at a yard sale)). I tried three kinds. Pull-ups, palms facing out, palms facing each other, and palms facing in - called chin-ups. 

I could do the palms out and palms facing but not the palms in. The bar is like a bicycle handle bar and my hands were spread too far apart to make it work on the chins. 

So I went back out to the porch to see if I could do a chin there with hands closer together, and I could!

I could not do two in a row yet on any of them. Yet. 

Now I have more hope to be able to do 20 pull-ups one day than I had for 1 a few months ago.

I think I'll be excited all weekend. 

My family is going to be sick of me, aren't they?

I did A PULL-UP!

Yes, I know it's a chin-up in the pic.