Saturday, May 31, 2014

Podcast: Stress Relief 4 Teachers 05 - Bodyweight Fitness

Here are some helpful links to some of the things I mentioned in the podcast.
  • The Convict Conditioning system can be summed up in this chart.
  • Here's the Convict Conditioning Book. (I realize that this does not immediately look like a book for teachers, but its simplicity, ease for beginners and fit ones alike make it perfect for many teachers. Also, it does not require any equipment other than a place to pull from. Most teachers are not ready to do actual pull ups yet, so all you need is a post, poll, swing set or something you can pull from.)
  • Or try You Are Your Own Gym. I like it too. Here's the app which is worth it's weight in gold (don't think it actually weighs anything though). We use it on the iPad and iPhone. Both versions are great. It is also available on Android.
  • My favorite book on nutrition: Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.